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  • alchemic empowerment teams

    Building and Leading your Business Team

    Organizations usually group their people into teams according to the kind of tasks they need to do or responsibilities they have to take. These teams are often called departments led by their respective managers or supervisors. In big organizations where departments are made up of a large number of employees, breaking them down into a […]


    Inspired Action (Mastering Fulfillment Minisode Podcast)

    Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Play | Stitcher | RSS | More I discuss the difference between being pulled by inspiration vs pushing through will power in this podcast.

  • 8020rulevilfredo_pareto

    80/20 Business Rule Recap….what you’ve been forgetting!

    April 2014 Oh Pareto, how after all these years you still get it! And how quickly we as entrepreneurs forget!  Here’s a brief lesson of the 80/20 rule:  In the 1900’s Italian Economist and Sociologist Vilfredo Pareto observed that about 80% of Italy’s riches belonged to only 20% of the population.  He took his observation […]

  • frustrated lawyer

    UNHAPPY WITH YOUR JOB? Surprise, You’re NOT Alone

    FRUSTRATED & UNHAPPY WITH YOUR JOB? You’re NOT alone! Statistically, only one in three people feels good about being at their job. Um, WOW! No, this survey wasn’t taken the week after Burning Man! According to a recent Gallup report, more than two-thirds of U.S. workers (70%) are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at […]

  • lethal relationship alchemic empowerment 2

    8 Lethal Relationships You Need to Avoid!

    Unfortunately, many unhealthy relationship behaviors are baked right into our culture.  We worship the idea of carefree romantic love – you know, where two people ride off into the sunset happily ever after before they even truly know each other.  And we are raised to objectify our relationships and guard them like personal property.  Thus, […]

  • 6 ways to overcome depression

    Depression, 6 things available to you to help persevere through it

    Depression is tough…ok, really tough. Smiling and just thinking happy-happy thoughts just doesn’t cut it.  I’m all for positive thinking and reinforcement, but let’s face it… sometimes that stuff doesn’t cut it (see below). Positive thoughts alone won’t lift you up out of the crappy situation you find yourself in every day. Here are 6 […]

  • 3 ways to gracefully leave a relationship breakup

    Breaking up: 3 ways to gracefully leave a relationship

    Breaking up: 3 ways to gracefully leave a relationship Be sure you wish to end the relationship. Do not threaten to go away in an effort to get your partner to change. Ensure there actually is a lack of love, respect, or pleasure—and that it can’t be revived. If there’s still hope, get counseling to […]

  • productivity alchemic empowerment

    7 Techniques to Radically Boost Your Productivity

    Your Health and Vitality Make All the Difference. How you feel literally dictates how you will attack the day. Eating the right foods and exercising ensure constant energy. You Need Sleep! Time your bedtime, and start winding down at least 45 minutes earlier. Ninety-eight percent of all human beings need at least 7-8 hours a […]

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