Inspired Action (Mastering Fulfillment Minisode Podcast)

I discuss the difference between being pulled by inspiration vs pushing through will power in this podcast.

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Welcome to the mastering fulfillment podcast where we focus on reaching your success with fulfillment in your personal business in spiritual life and now you’ll hosts Scott Berry in Joshua Wenner.   hello I’m Scott Berry and welcome to the Mastering Fulfillment podcast my partner-in-crime Josh water is on vacation and on today’s minisode I’d like to take a moment to discuss inspired action versus willpower this is one of those areas when you start to become a little bit more conscious about the decisions that you make the people that you bring into your life and just what you surround yourself with you really start to set yourself up for success and more fulfillment so often the reason why we don’t end up following through on the things that we really want to do these is the passions that were looking to integrate this is the business that we’re trying to start these are the deeper connections that were looking to bring more into our lives with our loved ones with our family members and our community at Large this is the reason why we don’t end up sticking and following through with what we are intending to do so few on long lasting results and growth we need to really focus on what is the why what is our emotional why for what we’re doing and it’s from that place which will keep us going to give you a personal example I’m an entrepreneur I’ve started about three businesses and back in 2012 I started in my coaching and Counseling Practice because I was really inspired by the work that I’m doing and there is no question to me that this is part of my Donna this is part of my calling and support of my offerings to the world and so I started doing free sessions for about a year and then slowly started to get a more professional side and up my practice now with any business there are obviously the things that you get into business that you do is because there’s a passionate there’s a pool that there’s something inspired of why you do it right I also DJ and produce music and being on stage and sharing my musical gifts with the world or being with a client and helping them break room or reach new levels of passion and sex drive and communication in a relationship there’s almost nothing better like these of the time I’m in my Peak flow steak so that’s what keeps me going. Cindy inspired pull that keeps me going when you know I’m having a DJ and I’m driving 4 hours to a gig that’s not fun I’m not passionate about that you know or you know When do you go from a midnight Slot 2 or 4 a.m. slot know the same goes with my coaching practice and I’m having to set up my credit card payments and I’m having a setup QuickBooks and I’m having to do all the back and stuff that has to support my passions and what I’m here to do and those little items on their own are really hard to get through and if I didn’t keep reminding myself why and this is not even necessarily a conscious thing but what I’m really doing is I’m focusing on what is the end result that I’m looking to do what is the emotional pull of why I’m actually doing these things and when I can remind myself of that I remind myself of well when I’m up there onstage and I’m actually sharing my music with the world what is the emotional feeling that I’m getting and reminding myself of how good that feels or when I’m actually doing this podcast because I know that whether there’s 2000 or 200 or even to people and listen to this and in his able to get some little bit of insight some inspired action to shift and to maybe integrate something into their own world that gets me such a huge spiritual hide that that’s what keeps me going to do all of the other background stuff in order to make all of this happen and so you start to bring any of these other things into your life and you’re starting to bring a new goals or new behaviors or start a new project you got to keep reminding yourself what is it why are you actually doing this and what is the emotional feeling that you’re looking to get for it you don’t ever go on a diet ultimately to lose weight you don’t even necessarily do it just so you look better you do it because you feel better in your clothes you do it because you can feel more confident when you get into a bathing suit you do it because when you go exercise you have more stamina you do it because when you go to the park with your kids or you go hiking with your buddies you just have more stamina and when you can just remember the ultimate why of why it is that you’re doing that thing that you’re looking to step into then you’re being full by inspiration you’re being my spirit otherwise you’re pushing through willpower you know this the reason why most diets never end up working because they’re not focused on the why you keep thinking of the lack so when that starts to become the top of line of their mindset and makes it so much harder to the gym or the right or do anything after the row to do so again this is just a quick reminder to check in thank you so much